THIS is what it’s all about….

“You made us feel so beautiful in your special creations!” ~Jenn F., Beautiful, dutiful bridesmaid

It’s heartfelt word like these that truly solidify the ridiculousness of my self-imposed, volatile idea that pursuing my dream is all in vain.  That TLeah Designs’ mission statement, “TLeah Designs was created to bring you customized fashion that demands to be noticed. TLeah Designs is devoted to bringing you fashion that is beautiful, elegant and edgy, just like you, to wear with confidence and feel amazing. It’s in you… ‘Rock it like you mean it'” is vindicated.  This is why I design. This is why create.

Trisha and Titus tied the knot this past weekend and I couldn’t have been more honored to share in the special day!  Designing bridal jewelry is, by far, my favorite, but sometimes, it’s no simple task.  I begin with a vision, but sometime that vision doesn’t necessarily always line up with the intuitive feeling I get when taking into consideration all the other variables of the wedding party.  I can build and create and not be satisfied, over and over and over again.  For Trisha’s jewelry it took a few redesigns, but I never stop until I know it feels right.  And when it was right, I KNEW it was right.

Check it out for yourself…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It truly makes my heart happy to be able to make people feel good, if by merely, adorning their body with jewels… but I hope that the love and positivity I put into creating each piece is felt and somehow drives deeper.

I also felt very blessed to be at Trisha & Titus’ wedding in person to witness all the blissful joy surrounding their day!

Congratulations Trisha & Titus!



~ by tleah on November 17, 2010.

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