It’s true, I can have a tendency to get lost, and not only driving or trying to find where on a public street I parked my car, but lost in thought, lost in action even lost in translation.  Luckily of those later 3 its been action.  What, pray tell, you ask…

Well, I enjoyed a sweet little 48 hours trip home to CT to see my parents, bros, sister-in-law, my unborn totally radical nephew and some other family members.  It was a little Mother’s day surprise for my mama, made completely possible by my dear friend Ari who works hard for the money at Jetblue.  Which, btw, is the BEST airline ever!

Some of you may, and some of you may not know… that I moonlight (actually I guess in this case it would be ‘sunrise’?) as a fitness trainer.   I DO love this work, but right now its functioning as a supplement to my dream of brining great accessories that complement and get complements, TO. THE. WOOOORLD!   anyhow, enough drama, every 2 years I have to recertify and the time has arrived, so I’ve been spending a lot of time (and $$$, that I don’t have, big thanks to Visa for their sponsorship!) studying for exams and continuing education credits.  Also, I started a contracted job, with UCSD to help facilitate a class for study they are running. So as you see I’ve been busy.

BUT certainly never to busy for jewelry.  If you’re keeping up, you may have noticed some promotions/coupons/discounts I have been offering via emails and status updates. (IF NOT…. send your email address to me at tiffany@tleahdesigns.com and I will make sure to include you on the email blasts)

Further, the website (www.tleahdesigns.com) is up and its pretty, and more importantly, FUNCTIONAL, however in order for it to function more effectively to bring in business from the “WORLD WIDE” Web, one must invest time in ‘Search Engine Optimization.’ wtf? right?  I know, well, actually I didn’t know until my helpful and omniscient brother told me that I MUST SEO, MUST SEO, MUST SEO!

Let me tell you something people, IT. IS. TIME. CONSUMING.  how might an individual SEO?  words. any word, possible, that somebody might type into a search engine that could or slightly describe your product. any word. any word that is relevant, for every single product. So I mean, imagine how many times I had to use “beautiful,” “awesome,” “cool,” “edgy,”  JUST kidding, but really if I have to write “crystal,” “pearl,” or “sterling silver” one more time this week… crap, i just did…. well, you get the feeling.

So hard work.  Hard work that is time consuming and without instant gratification, can only be driven by one thing,


Without passion, my americanized sense or hard work without an instant increase in my bank account, could quite possibly drive me right back into the arms of the corporate satan, that I left nearly 4 years ago. But I love this. I love my dream. I love the beauty and the art behind it. I love the joy it brings to people. I love the connection a meaningful piece of jewelry can make in a relationship. And I will keep on forging through the tough times, because:

“We were meant to dream ‘not a million quiet dreams, but a million dreams that ROAR!”

~An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton

(Thanks Briit!)


~ by tleah on May 25, 2010.

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