Mother’s day is on its way!

Please turn your attention to the following Public Service Announcement on how to make your mom REALLY happy this year:

Now you know what you need to get your mom

Here are options

Mother's Necklace

Mother’s Necklace- A features the children’s birthstones in Swarovski crystal and pearl components, hanging from a hand-shaped Sterling Silver ring, representing a Mother’s endless love for her children.

Mother's Bracelet

The mother’s bracelet also features the children’s birthstones in Swarovski crystal and pearl components.

This family necklace featured below incorporates the parents and the Children.   The top 2 smaller crystals represent the parents’ birthstones while their children’s birthstones drop in graduating sizes.  The parents and children’s birthstones are held together by a single silver circle representing unity, endless love and the circle of life.  Below are 2 examples to show multiple or single children families.

Family Necklace

Family Necklace II

*All pieces are created with Sterling Silver Infinity Chain.  The chain a tiny figure 8’s representing eternity.

Yes, not only do these pieces sparkle and shine, but the are loaded with meaning and have been bringing tears of joy to Momfaces for some time now…. Order yours now!   (Please revisit, the stellar, super professional video above for contact info, you know you want to watch it again!!!)  ;o)


~ by tleah on April 12, 2010.

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  1. bravo.

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