What’s in a name?

So even though the name “TLeah Designs” was kinda a spur of the moment decision, forced by a purchase of a URL name, it wasn’t without strategy.

The TLeah was fairly simple… “T” for Tiffany, (but alas, I could not use my own full name because it seems to be monopolized by a company that sells little blue boxes, well, Purple boxes with cool logos are waaaay better, Im totally not bitter) and the Leah (pronounced “Lee” not Lee-ah, my parents did this, dont try to tell me otherwise… take it up with them if you have a problem) is my middle name.

The “Designs” portion of my logo is where the real thinking began. Sounds fairly simple, I know, however I could have undoubtedly used “TLeah Jewelry” or “TLeah Accessories” you know how it goes… but standard to my cerebral wiring, I was not about to pigeon hole myself.  I knew eventually my curious mind would run rampant with creative ideas and want to explore different areas of construction and fabrication of art.

Turns out… I was right. Naturally. ;o)

So here is one example.  I found this fabric, loved the colors and the pattern, however it is a slightly unforgiving woven silk. Lacking any professional or even somewhat educated direction in sewing, I manipulated the design in my head to what you see here:

Front View Back Detail Side- Open ended zipper detail

Ok- so maybe it might be considered a little “risque” but I don’t ever recall hearing Tim Gunn say anything about the runway being rated PG.

Now… if there was only more time in each day, a few clones of myself and some sort of government provided funds for being ambitious… (WOW! that last one was really unrealistic).  I guess I’ll just keep working hard and my binoculars focussed on the horizon so I can be ready when my ship comes in.


~ by tleah on March 19, 2010.

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