I was perusing through one of my jewelry making catalogs and came across a stamping kit.  AWESOME! I love things with words on them, like books and signs…. jk, I mean clothing and accessories with words on them.  Its cool. So finding a tool that would allow me to incorporate letters, words, symbols, etc. on my jewelry, well, I was stoked!   So I bought it… and made this necklace:

“BabyCakes” is a name my Dad used to call me when I was little (amongst other names, you know, depending on my behavior, but again… how many names can you have for an angel?)  I digress.  When I wear this necklace I usually get questions (or funny looks, luckily I am well weathered at handling those, I just give funny looks right back, AH! staying on track is hard!) but questions lead to stories and stories can be sentimental and open up a whole new avenue of conversation or they can be funny and you’ve got a comedic skit on your hands.  Anyway, any words you put on your personalized tags will always be original and personal.

There is nothing exceeding steady about hand stamping, so the message can be slightly off centered or irregular (but aren’t we all, a little?) however, I think thats what gives it character and authenticity.  Its by far an original and one of a kind.  And totally customized, you’ll be sure to never find another exactly like it!   And who doesn’t want to be the only kid on the block with something cool!?


~ by tleah on March 9, 2010.

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