Team Spirit!!

A Personal training client of mine is a softball super star!!!  She is so good that of the 2 teams she is on, 1 is an all male team and she is the only female in the whole division!  But not only is she good, but she is thoughtful and chock full of team spirit.  The ladies team she is on is called aches and pains (cutely named as the team is ladies over 55).  One day she asked me to design zipper pulls for her softball team.  She gave me their uniform shirt and I got to work. This is the finished product:                                       The zipper pulls can be worn on hoodies/jackets or put on their bat bags or even hooked onto their keychains.

Here is a pic of the zipper pull with her uniform shirt:

And the finished presentation:

These zipper pulls were a hit with the ladies! …. er, no pun intended!

So as you can see, colors, teams, even the items, be it necklaces, bracelets or zipper pulls, anything is possible to represent your team and bring about the SPIRIT!!!


~ by tleah on January 26, 2010.

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  1. options are unlimitable.

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