SHOUT OUT & Update…

I have been privy to a whole lotta change in life the last couple of days, powerful change. TLeah Designs is no different.

THE UPDATE:  TLeah Designs will be launching a new store on the website.  I, alongside very caring, motivating and courageous (<– I can have moments of being intensely stubborn and difficult- I know what you’re all thinking… NO WAY!!!  Not Tiffany. I know, I know… ;o) hard to believe, but Im driven by Passion) individuals, have been working very diligently and tirelessly to get this gig going.

So stay tuned… very soon you will be graced with a new avenue of shopping accessories!

THE SHOUT OUT:  to those individuals (noted above) Spotlight –> Chris & Aaron and all the others who are constants in my life, as support, motivation and love… THANK YOU!!!

To all who have put something together from the bare bones of the beginning, you are aware the respect that must be paid to the process, the trials, the tribulations and the moments of lapsed sanity (<– like i know anything about lapsing sanity… i mean come on! right!) ;o)   But also the hope, persistence and vision.

Keep on truckin!

Im going to go do yoga now.


~ by tleah on January 21, 2010.

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