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Hanging out one day I got into a discussion with a girl who asked me what I did.  I told her I made jewelry. She was quick to describe earrings she had been on the hunt for but couldn’t find. I said no worries, I can do that for you.  The only catch was that her earlobes were gauged and I was slightly unsure of how exactly I was going to construct something suitable for her ears.

Always up for a challenge, I put my thinking cap on.  She wanted, length, copper and feathers.  Since the earring was not going to have the conventional pierced earwire, I had to figure out a way that the earring would sit on the open plugs she had in her earlobes.

The construct needed to be functional to her plugs , so I bent the wire as seen here to the right so that the earrings would sit on top of the plug and hold in place.  However the thinking didn’t stop there as a delicate balance was going to be necessary to keep the earring in place.  I had to create weight on both sides of the earrings since where the earring was being held was resting on a plug surface.

The finished product on their happy owner

Her Co-worker was a big fan and wanted a pair as well. Her ears were not guaged so I stuck with the original design and changed up the wire at the top to suit an earwire.  

When I gave them to her, she was a little uncomfortable with the length, they were pretty dramatic, so I moved the feather from the bottom of the chain to the top of the chain to shorten the earrings.  She loved them and the new length. I was happy to make her a pair of earrings she was comfortable wearing even though they were different than what she normally wore.  I like to help people move out of the comfort zones to try something new.  Even if I have to make little changes to makes them comfortable out of their comfort zones! 😮


~ by tleah on January 11, 2010.

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