a Need turned Hobby turned Career turned Passion

So often times I am asked how I started doing the jewelry thing. Here’s my story:

It started from a need.  I had a vision of THE perfect earrings I wanted. So I set out on a mission, to the mall.  That day I roamed and shopped and searched and came up empty.  Nobody was producing the beautiful little idea I had in my head, or anything close to that for that matter!

In a haze of disappointment, I strolled into Express and checked out their accessories. I very vividly remember examining the construction of a pair of earrings and telling myself “I can do that!” Screw paying Express $45 for a pair of mass produced earrings made of steel and plastic that everybody and anybody else could be sporting.  And so it began…

I went down to my local craft store and picked up some tools and a few materials and began creating… what I wanted!  Luckily for me at the time, I had some time on my hands as I was recovering from an appendicitis surgery and was laid up for a few weeks.  (Thanks for that appendix! If it weren’t for your blatant disregard of being inside my body I may have never discovered this love and talent. And I didn’t need you anyways!!! – I digress)

So I made earrings, my friends would compliment my earrings and ask where I got them. When I told them I made them, they ask me to make some for them as well. I realized that I wanted to bring that convenience of ‘getting what you want’ to my friends.  I started making more jewelry and would have my friends over to pick out what they wanted from my inventory.  This idea quickly turned into doing house parties, ie- the old tupperware party style. I’d bring the jewelry. The host would invite the friends over for food, drinks, good times and jewelry!

I branched off and took brides and their bridal parties into consideration. The day is so special it should be perfect.  And memorable. I love to make a beautiful piece for the bride to give her bridesmaids to not only wear on the wedding day but for many days to follow and be reminded of the joy and love they all shared that day. It’s special.

It all began with a need to fulfill my desire for something I couldn’t find… so I created it. It was fun and then my hobby became another way to pay my bills and ultimately it has become a passion and even obsession.  It means so much to me to be able to bring the joy of having the perfect accessory that is unique and handcrafted with love.  Beyond that, I love the feeling of confidence and an overall feeling of goodness when someone receives a compliment on a piece of mine they are wearing.  I want people to feel good and confident in order to live to be their best self and if I can be a mere stepping stone in that journey, Im so happy and blessed to do it with my jewelry!

A little old skool throwback…

These are THE VERY FIRST pairs of earrings I ever made and the beginning of TLeah Designs.

They are pretty sweet and I still wear them, however, I’ve come a long way since then!  :o)


~ by tleah on January 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “a Need turned Hobby turned Career turned Passion”

  1. Good for you! I am a beader by hobby and I still stroll through retail stores to see whats “HOT” and trendy. I have vowed to not buy any accessories in those stores at full price because 99% of the time I can make the item myself or better, because it will be more personalized. Good Luck!

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