Where does cReatiViTy come from?

Everywhere and anywhere.

Christmas on a budget is what inspired my creativity for gifts for my family this year.  As I was brainstorming on the perfect creation for each person I grew increasingly more motivated to make something specific and meaningful for that person.

In the last blog, I showcased my mom’s handmade gift, which not surprisingly was jewelry, however, for the rest of the crew my jewelry just wasn’t going to fit the bill.  So I tapped into other novice skills.

My older bro, how I love him and his eccentricity.  He has taught me so much and I look up to him immensely, which is why I feel I can share on my blog,  with the utmost love and respect, that he believes he was a Samurai in a past life.  I preface that in order to show the connection of his and his loving wife, Christine’s gifts.  I found a really cool Asian dragon fabric that I made into a throw pillow for him for his birthday in April. They loved it so much they requested more.  So I gave them more, but I also made them a painting that matched their decor and included inspirational Chinese Characters. The Characters in the painting mean Family, Love, Strength and Harmony.

My brother has two beautiful step children, 9 yr old Brianna and 12 yr old Dominic. Brianna being the girlie girl she is was a slam dunk. Pink. Jewelry.

With flower details. I heard she slept with the earrings in she loved them so much!

Dominic is a Yankees fan so for him I found a canvas in the shape of a circle  and  painted pinstripes, baseball stitches and a little shout out to his favorite team logo. Hopefully he wasn’t too offended by the “go Mets” i painted on the back of the canvas!

My little Bro, Chad, full name Chadwick, nickname Wick, is 7 yrs younger than me so there is quite a gap in our interests and generation.  For instance, those videos games he loves so much are FAR too intense for me (except Rockband of course, greatest creation ever!)  Im much more the old school 1st generation Super Marios Brother type. Id even venture to go back to the Calico days.  So I really had to put my thinking cap on for this one.

Unfortunately Chad lost a very close friend last year. One of his Best friends, a friend like a brother.  His friend’s nickname was Green Eyes, so I painted somewhat of a memorial to Green because I knew it would mean a lot to Chad.  This is it->

And Lastly but certainly no least. My pops! The Man is IM-POSS-ible to shop for, well maybe not if you just expect him to take it back, unless its golf balls… and they better be the right ones.  Which I can understand… the man wants what he wants. And what he wants he takes care of it himself, I can empathize and understand, I am my Father’s daughter, no doubt. SO I figured… what can I make him that he CANT take back, but more importantly wont want to. 

Well, I combined 2 of my Dad’s favorite things, Golfing and napping and came up with this, a fleece blanket. One side has detail of golf balls and tees on it, the other side is green like the golf course.  I added side detail of fringe that replicates golf balls.  Victory! He Loves it!!! Proof?

Here is the King in his Throne relishing in the fruits of my Labor!

So how does this blog tie into my jewelry?  The thought and heart put into customizing all these gifts for my family is the same thought and heart I put into all my jewelry, especially specific and customized orders.


~ by tleah on December 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Where does cReatiViTy come from?”

  1. Very nice! And I like the last photo. Cute!

  2. Your Pops loved it! Look at him all comfy in his chair. Nice stuff, Schrade.

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