DONT tell my Mom!!!

You would think that with the skill of designing and making jewelry, gift giving for my mom would be easy. Au contraire!  My Mom likes more simple jewelry.  Crystals, pearls, big stones, just arent her gig. My Mom appreciates the more simple everyday types of jewelry that she can wear when she is hard at work, cooking, cleaning and making a beautiful home for the family.  Thus creating and designing jewelry for my Mom is slightly restricted, forcing a more resourceful frame of creative mind.  So I took a chance and honed in on a new skill, bending and hammering out wire. The result? ….

My Mom’s name is Maureen, but the “M” also stands for “Mom,” “Magnificent,” “Marvelous” and “Most aMazing!” The “M” is formed from Gold-filled wire which I bent and hammered out to form it into a more permanent shape. The Chain is also gold-filled.  I took a risk in added the semi-precious smoky quartz stone that is dangling from the end of the “M,” but sometimes we all need to be pushed a little to find out how new things feel.  My Mom will not have been the first person I pushed out of their comfort zone in regards to wearing new/different jewelry and I would venture to hope she wont be the last.

Lessons learned?  Take a risk. Think outside the box. Try something new. AND DONT TELL MY Mom… Christmas is still 3 days away!!!


~ by tleah on December 22, 2009.

One Response to “DONT tell my Mom!!!”

  1. Tiff its awesome. I think your mom will love it!

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