I cant exactly recall when i began the idea of reconstructing old jewelry into newer, up to date, fashionable wear, but it amongst one of my favorite avenues of my jewelry business.

I have had people come to me with jewelry they inherited from Mom, Granma, and even Great Granma.  Its beautiful jewelry, but often times it is broken, tarnished and straight up out of date.  But it is never without inherit beauty.

To be able to see that hidden beauty within that old piece and create a new, customized piece that my clients are overjoyed to wear as it carries a meaning and attachment to family history (and it looks good) is the reason my reconstruction service is such a personal passion.

Below are before and after pictures of my most recent reconstruction project.  My friend came to me with 2 matching coral necklaces that her Mom and Aunt (who are best friends) shared when they were younger.  I deconstructed and created for her 2 pairs of earrings, a bracelet and further a pair of earrings each for her Mom and Aunt. Below the pictures are what she has to say about the outcome.






“I absolutely LOVE the coral jewelry….the fact that it was made from something that was handed down from my mom and aunt to me, it makes it that much more special to me. I love all three items they are so unique! The coral items are among my favorite pieces of jewelry I own.
My mom loves her coral stack earrings, and my aunt loves her branch dangle earrings. They especially love that they are able to wear their “old” jewelry in a completely new way!”
-LK, California

Jewelry Reconstruction. Bringing life back to old Jewelry. Wearing History. Displaying Beauty and Meaning.

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